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Company History

We have been manufacturing decals for many years and have supplied these to bikers on all continents.

They are a quality product and most sets you can customise the colour scheme to suit your bike and taste

Ordering decals

To order online is easy.

Just search for the model you need and click on the colour options to choose the colour scheme

Then click add to cart and when you have finished shopping click on View Cart in either the side menu or the top menu and fill in the form

We ship to every country and we to all countries worldwide and accept Visa and Mastercard in a secure enviroment

Fitting Decals

For optimum results, surface temperature should be above 50F and below 90F. If necessary, move vehicle to a location where the temperature can be within the installation guidelines. You will need a ruler, masking tape, scissors, lint free cloth, a surface cleaner(isopropyl alcohol is recommended) and a slip solution is optional for larger graphics

After determining the location for your graphic, clean the surface with a lint free cloth and cleaner solution. Be sure to turn the cloth several times to insure thorough cleaning and wax removal. After doing this you should get a "squeaky" sensation when lightly dragging your fingers across the surface.

Using small strips of masking tape, locate where the graphic is to be installed. If the graphic has a horizontal edge or reference point, you can use this for measuring the location from a body line or trim moulding. If the decal has a flowing design, you'll have to step back and visually inspect its location to determine if that is where you want it. Once this is done, make measurements from individual points on the design and transfer the locations to the opposite side of your vehicle. (This is the step you need to take your time on, measure from different locations, once the graphic is installed, it cannot be moved).

Place two strips of masking tape (slightly overlapping each other) vertically in the approximate centre of the graphic. This is known as the "hinge" method. This will allow you to install half of your decal at a time.

Remove the masking tape strips from one end of the decal and slowly peel the backing paper away, taking care not to touch the adhesive side of the graphic. Use scissors to remove the backing paper and discard.

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